Sep 13, 2010

Diggy – Airborne (mixtape)

The kids definitely got a career ahead of him. That Lupe feature is just unfair though.

DOWNLOAD: Diggy – Airborne (mixtape)

Sep 10, 2010

Naledge – Twenty Something (mixtape)

Naledge (Kidz In The Hall), goes solo this time and drops a pretty dope mixtape. Just don't understand why the homie has so many features. It's YOUR mixtape, features are dope, but not when they are the whole tape.

DOWNLOAD: Naledge – Twenty Something (mixtape)

Aaron Smith (aka Shwayze) - Love Stoned (mixtape)

Loved this dude's album but he hasn't done shit since...maybe the name change will help.

DOWNLOAD: Aaron Smith - Love Stoned (mixtape)

Sep 9, 2010

XV - Vizzy Zone (mixtape)

1. Theme To Vizzy Zone (prod. Seven)
2. The Flying V (prod. Seven)
3. Tunnel Vision (prod. Omen)
4. Gettin’ Bizzy (prod. Seven)
5. We Zonin’ (prod. Seven)
6. Reset Button f. Talib Kweli (prod. Woody)
7. Nevermind (prod. Seven)
8. She Go, I Go f. Chiddy Bang (prod. Seven)
9. Falling Awake (prod. Omen)
10. Mirror’s Edge f. Mike Posner (prod. Seven)
11. Vizzy Zone f. Kid CuDi (prod. Emile)
12. Passport (prod. Woody)
13. Isn’t It Awesome (prod. Woody)
14. May The Force Be With You f. Killer Mike & Mac Miller (prod. Seven)
15. Familiar (prod. Seven)
16. Best Is Yet to Come f. Colin Munroe (prod. Colin Munroe)
17. Ending Credits (Interlude)
18. Talk My Shit (prod. The Awesome Sound)
BONUS: Mirror’s Edge (rmx) f. Bun B, GLC & Mike Posner

Download or die...seriously.

DOWNLOAD: XV - Vizzy Zone (mixtape)

Wiz Khalifa – Damn It Feels Good to Be Taylor (video)

The original version of this song never fails to relax me. As much as I would like for artists to leave the beat alone, Wiz doesn't do it wrong.

Chiddy Bang – The Good Life (Co-Prod. Pharrell)

Not that Xaphoon is a bad producer or anything, cause he's not, but Pharrell can get me to listen to anything. This track will be featured on their mini-album, The Preview, duo out next month.

DOWNLOAD: Chiddy Bang – The Good Life (Co-Prod. Pharrell)

Curren$y – 4 Hours & 20 Minutes (Ride to H-Town) Feat. Killa Kyleon (Video)

With this album, and the upcoming Pilot Talk 2, and the Wiz affiliation, I believe Curren$y may become even more popular and buzzed about.

Freddie Gibbs – Oil Money Feat. Chuck Inglish, Chip Tha Ripper, Bun B & Dan Auerbach (video)

Some visuals from the Str8 Killa EP.

Bruno Mars – Just The Way You Are (video)

What can I say, I like the dudes homo.

Trademark Da Skydiver – Dead Fool (video)

Damn, how many vids is this homie going to drop off of the Issue #2 mixtape?

Blu – The Mash Up Interview (video)

Blu talks to The Mash Up after a show about the return of Blu and Exile, his new album No York, and more.

OnCue – Cuey Sings the Blues (mixtape)

Haven't even listened to it yet. Just posting this because of the RHCP mash-up mixtape he did.

DOWNLOAD: OnCue – Cuey Sings the Blues (mixtape)

Wale - The Extra Trip (The Way To My Love)

An alternate version of More About Nothings, The Trip.

DOWNLOAD: Wale - The Extra Trip (The Way To My Love)

Nappy Roots – The People (video)

What did you expect? I'm from Kentucky...

Chip Tha Ripper – From Me To You (EP)

01 No Worries
02 Ain’t No Love Here
03 I Told You
04 Baby Phat (remix)
05 Click Clack fEAT. 79th Truth
06 Fat Raps (remix) feat. Chuck Inglish, Big Sean, Asher Roth, Dom Kennedy & Boldy James

DOWNLOAD: Chip Tha Ripper – From Me To You (EP)

J.Cole - Villematic

First Fashawn and now J. Cole? Guess er'ybody is bring back Illmatic. Only make since that Cole does his thing on it though. Oh and before I forget, he's dropping another mixtape.

DOWNLOAD: J.Cole - Villematic

QuESt - Angel In A New Dress

Homie QuESt x Devil In A New Dress = this. This dude has some freshman potential, but his upcoming project needs to hit hard or else...

DOWNLOAD: QuESt - Angel In A New Dress

Sep 5, 2010

Wiz Khalifa – In The Cut Remix (Feat. Fashawn)

The same day the vid drops, we get a remix from Fashawn. (Couldn't get the audio so I made the DL link a usershare one so you can listen to it there)

DOWNLOAD: Wiz Khalifa – In The Cut Remix (Feat. Fashawn)

Kanye West – Devil In A New Dress (Prod. Bink!)

This cuts off kinda randomly, so there probably will be another verse on the album. I was going to wait on the full track, but it's been a slow few days in hip hop.

DOWNLOAD: Kanye West – Devil In A New Dress (Prod. Bink!)

Wiz Khalifa - In The Cut (video)

When Kush and OJ first came out, this song and Never Been was all I had to hear to approve of it.

Sep 3, 2010

QuESt – The Reason: A Defense Mechanism (trailer)

Sorry about not posting yesterday, Eminem and Hov live were more important to me. I'll post whatever I missed when I get back from a long night of partying tonight though. Here's a preview of QuESt's upcoming project.

Sep 1, 2010

Jay-Z x Eminem - Renegade Live on Letterman (video)

I figure since I'm going to the show at Comerica Park in Detroit tomorrow I should post this. Missing a history quiz for this show but this show will be history so fuck that quiz.

Jay Rock - BLOWHIPHOPTV Interview (video)

Interview with the Watts rapper about his background, how he doesn't support the gang lifestyle, amongst other things.

Atmosphere – Freefallin’

On September 7th Atmosphere will be releasing a double-EP entitled To All My Friends, Blood Makes the Blady Holy: The Atmosphere EP’s to support their To All My Friends Tour. They will be available at iTunes and Amazon the day before the Tour starts and hard copies will be sold at the shows. This is the 2nd leak from the EP's.

DOWNLOAD: Atmosphere – Freefallin’

Mac Miller - YRB Interview & Freestyle (video)

Mac Miller gets together with YRB to spit a few bars and discuss his hip hop origins, the meaning of K.I.D.S., comparisons to Wiz Khalifa, Asher Roth, and Eminem. Look I've had enough, just because a white guy raps, it does not mean he is exactly like other white guys that have rapped...stop comparing us b*tches.

Wiz Khalifa - Th Source Interview (video)

Wiz discusses the past year, successes of Kush & OJ, signing with a big label, and more with The Source.

Curren$y - Royaltee Radio Interview (video)

Spitta sits down and discusses Pilot Talk 2 with Royaltee Radio. He confirms that Erykah Badu, Raekwon and Camp Lo will have features.

Wiz Khalifa - Black & Yellow (Prod. Stargate)

New single from the Wizzle Man. Really diggin this beat, wonder if it was one of the benefits from signing with Atlantic?

DOWNLOAD: Wiz Khalifa – Black & Yellow

Big K.R.I.T. – If I Should Die

Glad this dude came up in the scene. He's got that sound I need sometimes. September 14th, K.R.I.T. will be hitting the road for Wiz Khalifa’s Waken Baken Tour, as well as The Smoker’s Club Tour.

DOWNLOAD: Big K.R.I.T. – If I Should Die