Aug 7, 2010

Charles Hamilton – (mixtape)

1. Flirting With My Old Sound (Settings)
2. Totally Awesome (Autosave)
3. Neverland Ranch (Edit Posts)
4. Kat Stacks for President (Comment Moderation)
5. Blogger Dashboard
6. Previous Posts (RSS Feed)
7. Decency Police (ODn)
8. Jamarris (Tags)
9. 9 to 5 (Layout)
10. From the Desk of Flashbacks pt. 1 (Hoe)
11. My Hi (Online Outlaw)

Yet another mixtape by Charles. I hope the best for him in his stay at the New York Presbyterian Mental Hospital. Dude has potential to be great so I hope he comes back swingin.

DOWNLOAD: Charles Hamilton – (mixtape)

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