Jul 30, 2010

Lyrical Opposition - Lyrical Opposition (mixtape)

1.Transform (Amended Version)
2.Us Against The World
3.The One
4.Til My Demise
5.Spaz Out
6.New School
8.More Tears
9.Listen To Your Heart
11.Follow Me
12.Bring Out The Beast
13.This Ain't A Movie
15.The Masterpiece
16.All I Have
17.Step Ya Game Up
18.The E.N.D (Eternity Never Dies)

I have no clue how Im not hearing about these dudes on other blogs. They are ridiculously nasty and the beats compliment their art perfectly. Let this serve as the introduction to Lyrical Opposition, a California based duo consisting of KritaCal and Cross the MC. Im sure they will become widely known soon.

DOWNLOAD: Lyrical Opposition - Lyrical Opposition (mixtape)

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