Jul 28, 2010

ScienZe - The Phone Tap(e) (mixtape)

1. Intro
2. Fuego Sauce feat. Domo Briggs & Kalil Kash
3. Vaso De Leche
4. Call Drop
5. Dead Presidents
6. From L.A. feat. L.A.
7. The Origin
8. It Ain’t No Secret (The Voicemail)
9. The Quote-A
10. Busy Line
11. Phone Tap feat. D.Julien
12. Conversation Peace (Outro) feat. I.D.R.

Just downloaded this so I cant critique it yet, but Ive heard a few of this dudes tracks before and it seems like the tape could be legit.

DOWNLOAD: ScienZe - The Phone Tap(e) (mixtape)

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